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The Lamb Kitchen

The Lamb Kitchen is a Hokkaido-style charcoal-grilled Jingisukan lamb restaurant that uses the high quality ingredients only

The Lamb Kitchen literally means the kitchen that cooks lamb, with specialty in young lamb.
As the Lamb Kitchen uses premium fresh select lamb produced in Australia, the meat is very soft. In particular, it does not have its unique smell of frozen lamb or mutton.
All the lamb dishes of The Lamb Kitchen goes through a strict aging process managed by the skilled cooking team. As The Lamb Kitchen only uses Diamond Charcoal which is known to be the best charcoal, the taste and flavor of the lamb dishes are much better than lamb dishes made elsewhere.


Lamb which is known as good weight-loss food containing a lot of unsaturated fat has lower calories, fat, and cholesterol levels, and higher protein and calcium than beef and pork. In particular, doctors recommend lamb to patients to recover their strength and promote healing after surgery. If you eat lamb often, it protects your body from the cold and warms up your stomach by controlling the moist energy of the body. As lamb has a very soft texture, it is especially good for children and the elderly who have weaker digestive systems.

The soul food of Hokkaido, Jingisukan
One of the most popular local dishes in Hokkaido, Jingisukan is a grilled lamb dish served with vegetables, for which a convex metal skillet is generally used to grill lamb. A Jingisukan skillet has grooves from its center to circumference. Fat and water oozing out of its meat are drained through the grooves, which makes lamb more delicious. In addition, The Lamb Kitchen’s signature sauces are what make the Jingisukan dishes so special. Enjoy lamb with sauces filled with the expertise of The Lamb Kitchen.

The Lamb Kitchen Franchising Information

The Lamb Kitchen’s incomparable tastes and secrets

WORLDINUS is a general restaurant company that leads the dining culture. It realizes customer satisfaction through its variety of dishes from all over the world. The Lamb Kitchen is the only franchise brand among WORLDINUS’ brands.
The goal of The Lamb Kitchen is to develop stable franchises that can grow with the franchise owners for a long period of time.
So it does not operate a sales organization nor recommend suppliers like other franchises do.
We hope our franchises become the best local restaurants, instead of just increasing the number of stores. Therefore it is focusing on store management and maintenance, and The Lamb Kitchen will do its best to develop sustainable brands and new recipes, as well as manage its franchises and strengthen its brand power so that the owners can run the stores for a long period of time.
The Lamb Kitchen specializes in Jingisukan lamb dishes that originated in Hokkaido, Japan. The Lamb Kitchen developed its own charcoal-grilled lamb recipes after years of research.

Franchise Inquiries +82-1800-1500

In particular, its signature sauces enhance the taste of fresh lamb. The Lamb Kitchen’s unique concept and dishes have become popular in the restaurant industry, which led to numerous similar restaurants appearing all over the country. Even though they can imitate the concept of The Lamb Kitchen, they could never reach the level of its taste and expertise. Taste it and be the judge.


The Lamb Kitchen K – Lamb Restaurant