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Experience differentiated services and high quality dishes

Hotel Avenue provides a variety of dining options such as Cubers Grill (Italian restaurant), The Lamb Kitchen (Hokkaido-style Jingisukan lamb), The Wine Cellar (the largest wine store in Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do), and Old Avenue (Pub & Dining).

Cubers Grill
Cubers Grill of stylish, modern interior design has an open kitchen and a view of Yongji Lake. In this beautiful restaurant, you can enjoy a...
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The Wine Cellar
If you buy a bottle of wine at The Wine Cellar, you can enjoy it at Cubers Grill or The Lamb Kitchen with no corkage...
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The Lamb Kitchen
The Lamb Kitchen literally means the kitchen that cooks lamb, with specialty in young lamb. As the Lamb Kitchen uses premium fresh select lamb produc...
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Old Avenue
Old Avenue keeps pursuing new dining according to the latest trend by maintaining its unique flavor and the 'analog touch' that do not change over...
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