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Cubers Grill

Enjoy premium wine with Italian dishes prepared by an experienced head chef of a Michelin 2-star restaurant in Italy

Cubers Grill of stylish, modern interior design has an open kitchen and a view of Yongji Lake. In this beautiful restaurant, you can enjoy a meal with wine, beer, coffee, etc. Cubers Grill is a new conceptual Japanese-Italian restaurant that maximizes the flavor of ingredients with the use of sauce kept to a minimum.

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Cubers of Cubers Grill refers to “kkubeosseu,” which is a witty way of saying “grilled” in Gyeongsang-do accent (“gupda”). In short, Cubers Grill means “to grill food”.

Steak dishes of Cubers Grill are made of premium meat handled with the wrapping skills of an experienced group of chefs, and put through a strict aging process. This quality meat is charcoal-grilled at over 300 degrees Celsius with other ingredients. Enjoy the simple but rich flavors of a juicy steak. The exquisite tastes and flavors of charcoal-grilled food cooked at high temperature cannot be compared to any other cooking method.
In particular, our charcoal-grilled steak dishes cooked at high temperature boast a great thickness and quality you cannot find at any other restaurant in the area. You can enjoy sophisticated and rich flavors even without any sauce.
Cubers Grill uses select fresh vegetables and seafood only, and you can watch the chefs preparing quality food right in front of you in the clean and open kitchen of this reliable restaurant.

Experienced chef from Michelin-starred restaurants, Jun Young Heo

Through the open kitchen, the kitchen and the hall communicate as one