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The Wine Cellar

A cost-effective wine store for a complete wine experience

If you buy a bottle of wine at The Wine Cellar, you can enjoy it at Cubers Grill or The Lamb Kitchen with no corkage fee applied. Cubers Grill specializing in steak serves fine Italian and grilled dishes, and The Lamb Kitchen’s signature dish is Hokkaido-style Jingisukan lamb, which are optimal for enjoying a wide variety of wine from all over the world.

wine cellar

The Wine Cellar is the only wine store in Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do where you can find over 1,000 kinds of wine products from all over the world.
The Wine Cellar handles a variety of quality wine products. It has competitive prices comparable to those in supermarkets. It offers a wide range of wine encompassing the tastes of wine beginners and wine lovers, and keeps all wine products in top condition.
The Wine Cellar has become a representative wine store leading the wine culture of Changwon based on local wine lovers’overwhelming support. Now it is an essential place for building a mature wine culture in Changwon.

Playground for adults and drink lovers

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